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5 advanced benefits from foot massage therapy

5 advanced benefits of foot massage therapy

Even after a long day at work, a foot massage is a great way to express. Foot massage is not only a way to express deficiencies and show love to someone, but it has many health benefits that many ignore.


Today we will be sharing 5 advanced benefits of foot massage therapy. This last benefit seems more magical than health benefits. Be sure to read to the end to learn more!

  1. Helps to improve blood circulation

Due to a sedentary lifestyle, it has become illegal for us to use our muscles regularly. Leg muscles are rarely exercised, and blood circulation is often affected by tight, uncomfortable shoes. A 10 to 20-minute massage before bed can greatly improve blood circulation in the lower extremities, especially for people with diabetes.

  1. It helps deal with symptoms of PMS and menopause

Daily foot massages can reduce the symptoms of PMS and menopause, such as irritability, restlessness, headaches, and mood swings. The foot massage point is at the level of the inner arch of the foot, the width of the thumb from the foot to the width.

  1. Helps prevent foot and ankle injuries

A foot massage can help the victim recover from pain and injury as well as reduce muscle pain. However, when the message is combined with strengthening exercises for the feet and ankles and can prevent future stretch injuries, it also speeds up recovery from existing injuries. A short session three to five times a week will reduce the risk of infection. We all have awkward moments, but stiff, flexible ankles and feet protect us from unpleasant injuries.

  1. Reduce the symptoms of cancer and the side effects of chemotherapy

A study by scientists at Michigan State University found that foot massage helps cancer patients with pain and nausea and other treatment-related symptoms such as shortness of breath and low blood levels. Power.

  1. Helps with headaches and migraines.

A study in Denmark found that people with headaches and migraines improved significantly after receiving reflexology. The test subjects stopped taking their medication, and the symptoms subsided three months after stopping treatment with a small number of cures. It is believed that those who have had reflexology foot massage have made additional positive lifestyle changes that could contribute to its impressive results.

A guide to foot reflexology

Reflexology has existed since the time of the Pharaohs. Although science has not explained how it works, some studies show its effectiveness. Let's look at some important aspects of foot reflexology:


  • Lung point: It is located at the tip of the toe between the big toe and the little toe. Stimulating this point with gentle pressure on both legs will help improve blood circulation and eliminate contact with the lungs.

  • Heart Point: This point is on your left leg, just below the third leg and just below, where the soccer ball and goal will start. Stimulate this with gentle circular motions to relieve stress, which is a significant cause of heart attack. This unique stimulation improves blood circulation in the body and improves heart function. If it is very cold, rubbing it will make it feel hot, increasing blood circulation.

  • Neck point: This point is between the first and second cards of each finger. Apply pressure here to relieve neck pain using growth and release methods.


Now that you know the incredible benefits of foot massage, now is the time to enjoy it. Share your thoughts on your experience in the comments below.


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