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Insufficient penile erection vs. Erectile Dysfunction: Main Differences


Insufficient penile erection, erectile dysfunction, erection problems, impotence, loss of libido. These are all terms that are commonly used today. Unfortunately, they are not always used in the right context. Therefore, it is often challenging to tell when you suffer only from insufficient penile erection and when it is already a severe erectile dysfunction.

But don't worry, we'll make it clear in this article. We will describe the main differences between insufficient penile erection and erectile dysfunction. We will show you how to recognize both conditions with certainty. In the end, we will not forget about effective solutions to your problems. So let's get started!

There are no erection problems like erection problems.

Sometimes I have erection problems, but is it erectile dysfunction? Mr. Jan asks in our counseling center. If you have a similar or even the same question in your head, we need to calm you down. Occasional random erection problems are not yet the dreaded erectile dysfunction use Fildena 100 and Fildena 150 to improve erection. You may just be too tired, stressed, or overworked, so you’regeneral in your pants no longer wants to listen to you. However, this does not indicate that you have a severe problem with which you should see a doctor.

The problem only arises when similar problems bother you regularly and in the long run. We talk about erectile dysfunction as anerectile dysfunction when erection is completely unreliable and often or mostly not enough to have a physical connection, or to complete intercourse, to reach orgasm,"

Therefore, if you have long had such problems, you should see your doctor or sexologist evaluate your problem and determine the correct treatment.

If one of the attempts at intimate intercourse" ends in a fiasco, do not overestimate the individual failures because man is not a machine. Therefore, do not be ashamed to draw the attention of your attending physician to your physical (erectile) dysfunction.

The main differences between insufficient penile erection and erectile dysfunction

Insufficient erection of the organ

Erectile dysfunction

An accidental complication

A problem that recurs regularly

A problem that only occurs once in a while

A complication that returns at regular intervals or daily

love can occur

There can be no love

It does not necessarily have to be treated

It must be treated

It does not have to negatively affect the relationship

It can negatively affect the relationship

Dietary supplements are enough to improve the condition

To improve the condition, it is necessary to take prescription drugs

It is necessary to change the lifestyle

It is necessary to radically change the lifestyle












So what are the main differences between poor penile erection and erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction - erectile dysfunction (ED) is defined as the inability of a man to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory physical intercourse. Although the likelihood of ED depends largely on age and is more common in older men, in most cases, it is not an inevitable aging process. This may be the first indication of a hitherto hidden and often serious general disease.

When is it necessary to visit an expert?

According to the above-mentioned differences between insufficient p*nile erection and erectile dysfunction, it is already clear which condition is more serious, and when the situation is still easily solved by self-help. The main pillar that you should rely on when evaluating your situation is the frequency, regularity, and time for which your problems return to you.

If you have recently encountered an insufficient penile erection for the first time in your life and at the same time you are experiencing great stress, problems, or a lot of workloads, you do not have to worry about anything. Only the interplay of circumstances is to blame. Once you have a little rest and reduced your workload, your erection will return to normal.

However, if you experience poor penile erection regularly, with each attempt at physical intercourse, your problems are slowly beginning to affect your relationship, and the problem persists for a long time, without exaggeration, erectile dysfunction, which you should clearly consult with a specialist.

Effective treatment of insufficient penile erection vs. erectile dysfunction

Every problem has a solution, even an erection problem. If you are bothered only by occasional insufficient penile erection, the treatment is very simple and highly effective or get some pills like Fildena 120 or vigora 100 to cure erectile dysfunction. Just change your lifestyle. Relax more, including lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet, move regularly, take stimulant supplements to support your erection, go on long walks in nature with your partner, and at the same time slow down your work pace. You will see that your erection returns to normal almost immediately.

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